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The Postcard Project


I was raised from a young age to believe in the power of my words and voice for change. My mother was the QUEEN of writing letters about the injustices she witnessed and experienced.


The Postcard Project was born out of this memory of writing as a means of social protest. Whether you choose to write to a family member or friend, a district attorney or mayor, a local business, a school or the president, these postcards are a tool to amplify your voice, call your recipient to action, and shed light on the injustices that Black people in America face on a daily basis.

This postcard is for ANYONE - no matter your age, your race, your religion, your sexual orientation and identity, your geographic location or your political affiliation.


The only thing required is that you write to your recipient and advocate for the equality of Black lives.


For the months of June and July 2020, Polk Paper will donate 100% of the proceeds of The Postcard Project equally across the following organizations:



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