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Polk Paper

Schuyler Polk launched Polk Paper in 2017 as a small Etsy shop. The story begins in Paper Source, among the racks of gorgeous handmade paper. A beautiful cobalt, burgundy and gold Japanese paper caught her eye. Paired with a deep blue card and a black envelope, this first set embodied everything Polk Paper stands for - unique and unexpected colors, delicate and precise craftsmanship, and the embodiment of joy.

Stationery allows us to express a little piece of ourselves, and houses our wishes, thoughts, hopes and dreams. Letters and notes are cherished pieces of ourselves which our recipients keep and share. 

Polk Paper added wedding and event stationery to their offerings in 2018, and corporate and business branding in 2019.


We hope you find a love for paper through our work!

Happy writing!

About: About

Hi! I'm Schuyler.


(that's "sky-ler" in case ya didn't know!)

About: Meet the Team

Schuyler Polk

Schuyler Polk is the founder of Polk Paper. She has a passion for color, patterns and discovering new papers and artists from around the world. A self-taught graphic designer, she launched Polk Paper after careers in fashion, advertising and event design. Her biggest inspiration is her family and she is also an avid cook, griller and cocktail maker.

About: Meet the Team
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